Winter is coming around fast and many people think that its time to stop gardening but this isnt true!!
 here are some great plants that look fantatsic in your garden in winter and will handle the colder weather.....

Daisies: there are some fantastic varities available at the moment, My favorite would be the pink buttons as its compact and very long flowering.

Veronica georgia blue: this fantastic little ground cover will flower all winter. it gets a lovely dark colour to the foliage and will produce masses of bright blue flowers. It gorws year round too, so there is no need to worry as it looks great in summer aswell. 

Herbs: There are also a great range of herbs that thrive in winter: for instance: winter savory, perennial basil, perennial corriander, winter tarragon, perpetual spinach and many , many more 

So, just beacuse winter has finished, doesnt mean that you have to stop gardening. In fact you can really uise this time to get your garen cut back, fed, weeded and mulched , so it will be looking amazing when that first new growth shoots through at the start of Spring!


Brooke Stanway
Tavistock Manager
brooke 400Brooke Stanway is the Managing Director of Tavistock Nursery, and writes for a number of gardening magazines including channel 9's Garden Guru's.